Post January 01 2016

Book achievement 2014 year. The Greenwich Streets AZ paperback edition honorable placed in a competition a New England Book Festival winners, a category of anthology / compilation.  

New edition The Greenwich Streets AZ Database – The Greenwich Streets AZ 2013, by Lev Vozchikov launched in different categories paperback, E-Book. Approach to the end reader easy handle, tracking, keep connection to the road delivers excellent technology alternative in a transportation publication. Achievement aim is create perfect, new concept handbook to support driver needs to handle, route local trip. Paperback format is the pocket size handbook quickly accessible, fast open source of original streets, roads, and highway structure data. The aim to develop beautiful, unique format released in this edition. Distributor considered in the best value quality of printing, best distribution plan, marketing network. Additional achievement in the best covering of The Greenwich Streets AZ contest gained in a development of the database E-Book edition. In an accordance with international book standard, each single book format assigned with original ISBN. Therefore, marketing network support different for the paperback and E-Book editions. Although a paperback format is appropriate in a handbook application, nevertheless it is a unique way to deliver immediate information in a right way. Compilation of information is the original data set that can bring end user ability gain excellent reading tool then ever useful. Improving data support is progressive trend to supply data set with the database assembly structure. This development accumulates information communication in E-Book structural integration with HTML. Full HTML support made in a compilation data set supported Web HTML. The Greenwich Streets AZ E-Book edition support full HTML text, Web HTML, embedded with a singular HTML structure database. Online distribution The Greenwich Streets AZ book launched in 2014-year edition. Technology concept is the scientific approach because we find out an effective way display data. Fast technology is the next progressive data architecture improvement gained in The Greenwich Streets AZ E-Book data structure compilation. Displaying data in an immediate accessibility is the progressive trends. Data assembly method based on a mathematical modeling, description singular events in a finite data structure length. Singular event in this compilation is sufficient random result of compilation. Author developer encouraged welcome reader suggestions. Paperback, E-Book is The Greenwich Streets AZ print production offered in Transportation section,